The amazing KYSSE™ is here now at Luna Skincare and Lash Studio!

The amazing KYSSE | Walnut Creek Aesthetics in Walnut Creek, CA

We’ve been waiting for this! It’s finally here. We’re finally able to deliver the amazing Restylane Kysse™ to our clients. Kysse is a hyaluronic acid injectable designed specifically for lip injections. Pronounced, “kiss,” Kysse is a hyaluronic acid filler that uses XpresHAn Technology™ (pronounced: expression.) This proprietary technology delivers natural-looking volume and Kysse-able softness.

With Kysse, the hyaluronic acid binds to itself, so it stretches and then goes back to its prior position. Because of this, when you talk, smile or kiss, it integrates into the tissue where it is injected and molds to your tissue. Kysse feels more natural and looks more natural. Not only will the results be believable to everybody else, but they will feel much more comfortable and much less detectable to you. Galderma clinical trials showed that Restylane Kysse provides lip fullness, improves the appearance of the lines above the mouth and leaves patients satisfied with their results.

Restylane Kysse has already been available in many international markets, but as of May 2020, it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States. Finally, we have our long-awaited Kysse here in the Bay Area market! A long-lasting lip filler with natural results! This is super exciting!

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