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Jawline in Walnut Creek CA

Jawline and neck laxity occur when the skin on the lower face and neck loses its elasticity, resulting in sagging and drooping. This is a common sign of aging and can be treated with a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures.


Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins that can be used to relax the muscles in the neck and jawline, resulting in a smoother and more defined appearance. This treatment can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the neck and jaw area.


The Nefertiti Neck Lift is a non-invasive procedure that uses Botox to lift and tighten the skin in the neck and jawline area. This treatment targets the platysma muscle, which is responsible for the sagging skin in the neck. By relaxing this muscle with Botox, the skin in the neck and jawline area can appear tighter and more lifted.


Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production in the skin through minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. This treatment can be effective in tightening loose or sagging skin in the neck and jawline area, resulting in a more youthful, defined appearance.

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