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Training Programs

At WCA, our staff of true professionals not only take pride in delivering premiere cosmetic services, they are dedicated to sharing their extensive knowledge with others. If you are looking to develop new skill sets, or fine-tune your current technique, we invite you to enroll in one of our highly-regarded training sessions.

Cannula assistance can be added to any training to help advance your cannula skills.

Beginner Facial Neurotoxin Training

Beginner facial neurotoxin training includes basic training with neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport & Xeomin). Areas of the face that will be focused on in this class include glabella, frontalis, and crow’s feet.

Beginner Filler Training

Beginner Filler Training utilizes Hyaluronic Acid fillers such as Restylane, Lyft, and Juvaderm. The course begins with specific injection styles and techniques, with both needle and cannula. The class will focus on full face rejuvenation and basic skills for injecting nasolabial folds, lips, and the mid-face/cheek area.

Hand Injectables Training

Learn how to properly inject different fillers into the dorsum of the hand to rejuvenate the appearance of your patient’s hand area without causing complications. This training is conducted by the Nurse or Nurse Practitioner and can be added as an enhancement to any other training session.

Advanced Filler Training

The Advanced Filler Training session is designed for the Trainee who has at least two years or more of injectable experience and wishes to enhance their skill with advance techniques. This training is extremely customizable in order to meet the individual’s needs.

Sculptra Face Training

Sculptra training for the face focuses on the consultation process and the process of patient selection. Trainees will learn the importance of facial balancing and mapping of the face. Training is dedicated to the specific injection techniques related to Sculptra for the entire face.

Sculptra Body/Butt Lift/Decollate Training

This training will focus on administering Sculptra injections to diverse areas of the body. This is a highly sought-after technique patients request in order to enhance and create volume in areas to create a more pleasing appearance. Typical applications of this technique are for the smoothing of fine lines on the chest and décolleté, arms, elbows and knees.

Kybella Injection Training

In this training session, trainees will learn effective Kybella injection techniques. The trainee will learn to successfully inject products like Kybella into subcutaneous fat compartments on a patient’s face and other parts of the body.

PRP/PRF Training

In your PRP / PRF training session, you will learn about platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich plasma fiber (PRF) treatments. These treatments are now an integral part of the aesthetic practice since they are effective for a wide range of conditions. This training will teach you how and where to safely inject PRP and PRF to achieve optimal results.

Private Advanced Training

Private Advanced Training sessions are given in association with one of Galderma’s top injectors, who has been an injectable trainer for over 17 years. During this training, we will review all aspects of injections. These trainings are designed to match the trainee’s expertise and will focus on specific information and techniques to enhance the trainee’s skills.

Group Advanced Training

Group Advanced Training is for those who are currently practicing with advanced skill level, but would like to like to learn and practice new skills in a group setting. These sessions are customizable to meet the specific area of interest of the group.

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