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It is widely accepted that facial symmetry is an indicator of attractiveness, not only in human faces, but across all animals. This is true in both males and females, with increased symmetry resulting in higher attractiveness ratings. So, facial symmetry is a common goal for aesthetics, makeup and more. However, achieving symmetry alone is not enough. In fact, artificially created perfectly symmetrical facial images can be perceived as NOT attractive if the balance of prominent facial features is not optimal. This brings you to the Science of Injections. They are no longer Subjective but now Objective.

Beautification or BeautiPHication – Restoring facial balance creating a naturally refreshed look and optimizing beauty – is a concept developed by renown surgeon Dr. Arthur Swift. Beautification of the face treats the face as a whole rather than by targeting specific lines or wrinkles. We are at a point in this industry where we can create the best version of ourselves by softening deep folds and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. We are able to restore lost volume, while enhancing facial contours without sacrificing our normal expressions. We are able to create a natural and refreshed look for our patients.

Believe it or not we use mathematical equations for many things. Including injections for beauty. Our eyes tend to gravitate towards people who have symmetry and balance in their face. We naturally look for the balance, especially in what we believe and perceive as attractive. Devine proportions or “Golden Ratios” have been used in Injecting for years. What is the Golden Ratio you ask? It’s 1.618:1 and it is a ratio that has been used for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it to build the pyramids, and Romans used it to build coliseums.

Our perception of beauty is hardwired deep down in our sub-conscious brain based on how closely someone’s features reflect Phi ratios.

A complete facial assessment is absolutely key to restoring a youthful natural look. We look at any lines and take into account what created the lines in that particular area and study the contours of the cheeks and the hollowness of the temples. In attempting to obtain overall facial symmetry, we assess the entire face as it is theoretically divided into thirds. We assess the features of the upper third of the face first, the eyes and the eyebrows. Next, we study the middle third. After that, we examine the lower third of the face, the lips, jaw and chin. We look at the content within these areas and try to map out how we can safely connect all areas together so it displays a continuous flow.

At Walnut Creek Aesthetics DBA, it is our foremost objective that when we utilize fillers, like Restylane Kysse for your lips, we first study the balance of your entire face, and the relative proportions of your prominent facial features. We then work to improve both balance and symmetry to achieve proportions closest to Phi creating a refreshed and natural look .

As we strive to create this facial symmetry, we do realize that the two sides of the face are sisters and not twins. This applies to the right and left sides of the face, and therefore also applies to the right and left cheek, for example, or the right side and left sides of the lips. We attempt to create a pleasing symmetry and not get caught up in trying to create unnatural perfection. I want my Patients to leave after a procedure with a “WOW!” effect.

The goal should be minor modifications of facial features to be more in balance but without radically changing a person’s identity. And by using superior products such as Restylane Kysse, we are able to apply minimal amounts of change and contouring so we can minimize differences and preserve harmony in your face.

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that as we age, all parts of our face change at different rates. That’s why even people with perfectly balanced and symmetrical faces can start to feel that their faces don’t look quite right. If you are beginning to experience that feeling, we suggest that you come in for a consultation with our highly-trained Nurses and Nurse Practitioners to see whether some minimal treatments can improve how you feel.

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