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How Does a Micropeel Help My Skin?

Micropeel | Walnut Creek Aesthetics in Walnut Creek, CA

Skincare is one of the essential things to be confidently beautiful and happy. But there are many ways to do it, so which one could be the best? Instead of testing each treatment, why not choose one that gives your skin two great treatments?

Micro-peels can be made to fit almost any type of skin, leaving everyone’s skin glowing and smooth. If this treatment isn’t on your list, then having it now could make sense! To learn more about how micro-peel works and what it can do to help your skin, read this post. 

What is a Micro-Peel?

Micro-peel is a treatment that helps your skin look young and feel better. It combines the skin-refreshing effects of microdermabrasion with the skin-rejuvenating effects of a superficial chemical peel. If you want better and excellent results, Micro-Peel gives you the magic you deserve! 

What else should you know about Micro-Peel?

You can use Micro-peels on all skin types, including darker ones. This treatment uses the mildest chemical solution, so it doesn’t bleach the skin like medium and deep peels. 

For the same reason, you can’t use micro peels to treat deep scars or wrinkles. For these problems, you might need a deeper chemical peel. 

The best thing about Micro-Peel is that it can clear your worries after just one treatment, but most people need a series of consultations to get the best results.

Micro-Peel preparation

Micro-peels are simple treatments that don’t need much care before they’re done. So, the most doctor advises every patient to start doing the following one week before their treatment:

  • Stop smoking
  • Don’t lie in the sun or use sunbeds.
  • Don’t use collagen injections
  • No waxing of the face
  • Please don’t use any more products that have aspirin or salicylic acid in them.
  • Stop using any everyday skin care products with glycolic acid.

Also, it’s best to follow these recommendations in general:

  • Before and after treatment, don’t swim in chlorinated pools for a few days.
  • Don’t wax the area for at least five days after you’ve done it.
  • Do not use glycolic acids or Retin-A for at least three days after getting a chemical peel.
  • Use sunscreen and lotion when you need to.
  • Keep drinking water and stay out of the sun for a week after

After your treatment, you can put on makeup as long as you put it on top of your moisturizer and take it off gently. Make sure you do what the physician tells you to do after your treatment and talk to them if you have any concerns about your recovery.

How Does Micro Peel Work?

As we say above, treatments like these don’t hurt much and are safe for all skin types. Each peel is customizable, brightens, and evens all skin tones. It also smooths skin texture, helps acne-prone skin by preventing future breakouts, and treats dark spots and unwanted pigmentation.

Micro-Peel also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and builds collagen and elastin to fight age and firm the skin. Here at Walnut Creek Aesthetics, we offer Micro-Peel for only $250. You’ll get the best service and experience with our expert team and skilled aestheticians at this price. 

One final point, Micro-peel doesn’t involve surgery or recovery time. That means you return to your natural routine once the procedure is done. 

How Micro-Peel Can Be Good For Your Skin

Now that you know what a micro-peel is and how it works, you might wonder how it can help your skin. Because the treatment involves different steps, it has a lot of great benefits. Here are some of the most common things that happen after a few micro-peel treatments:

  • It makes hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, and other skin flaws look better.
  • Smooths out your skin and speeds up the natural process of exfoliation
  • It changes the texture of your skin, making it softer.
  • It makes your skin look healthy and pretty
  • It makes your skin firmer by causing your body to produce more collagen.
  • For the best results, it’s best to have two sets of 4 to 6 treatments a year.

Treatment Recovery

It’s easy to get better after a micro-peel. You should feel almost no pain after getting a peel. A lot of people don’t feel any pain at all. If you feel irritation after your peel, it might look like redness, itching, burning, or light peeling. 

Micro-Peel Benefits

A MicroPeel can help you in many ways that will make your life better. It supports most with the following skin issues:

  • Dull skin
  • Removal of dead, dry skin
  • Fine lines
  • Mild Acne

You can think of it as getting a new start after shedding your old skin. The fact that there is no surgery is also a big plus. This is an excellent treatment for people afraid of needles or cuts. Making your skin look better is also more natural than using needles or injectables.

Also, as was mentioned earlier, the process doesn’t hurt. You won’t need to be put to sleep for this, and most people don’t feel any pain. You might sometimes feel slightly burning or itching, but this goes away after the treatment. 

Also, you can return to your everyday life when you leave the clinic. The only “good” side effect of a Micro-Peel is that your skin will look brighter and fresher.

Aftercare Treatment

Patients can take different amounts of time to get better after Micro-Peel. But expect that your skin will need moisturizers and sunscreen. It may also feel like a slight sunburn; some people may see their skin turn pink for a few days, but not everyone.

Will MicroPeel work for me?

MicroPeels are great for people who want top-notch facials that don’t hurt. They are also great if you have any of the skin problems already mentioned. It can help eliminate lines and wrinkles and make your skin look younger. 

MicroPeels are an excellent choice if you want a stronger alternative to most beauty products. If you’ve never had a Chemical Peel before, we also think you should get a Micro-Peel. Before moving on to peels with more potent chemicals, this is the best place to start.

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