Seasonal Skin Care Changes

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Get that Summer Body Ready

Jump-starting your workout routine couldn’t be easier.

At Walnut Creek Aesthetics, we can now offer a complete body sculpting solution in a simple treatment protocol. The results are comprehensive body contouring. The benefits of truSculpt Flex compared to other muscle toning devices on the market is that it not only can treat more areas per session, it has three modalities with three different specific targeted work-outs per area. The treatment takes just 45 minutes, and you are left feeling the burn. The ultimate goal in non-invasive body sculpting is to target fat and stimulate the muscle. These two devices are complimentary and pairing truSculpt iD and truSculpt Flex clearly demonstrates the benefits of utilizing both devices.

In particular, body and muscle sculpting are rising in popularity among individuals who realize that diet and exercise alone are not producing the body they truly desire. In a recent clinical study, several patients received paired treatments with truSculpt® iD, which induces lipolysis, along with truSculpt® Flex, which promotes muscle strengthening, toning, and firming.

How it works

This new and advanced technology, truSculpt iD uses multiple 2 MHz monopolar RF handpieces to selectively target and increase the temperature of subcutaneous fat without excessively increasing the temperature in the dermis. Further a truSculpt iD treatment takes just 15 minutes, and results are typically achieved after one session. Fat apoptosis occurs post-treatment for up to 60 days, with peak fat cell death seen at 30 days.

What’s the maintenance?

After preforming one iD treatment, you should follow it by a series of four to six truSculpt Flex treatments, administered twice a week for two to three weeks. This is to generate intense contractions in the treated area. Most patients begin seeing results after eight weeks, with maximum improvements visible at twelve weeks. We also offer truSculpt Flex maintenance sessions for a booster treatment once every three months to consistently stimulate the area.

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