Sun Damage

Have you ever found yourself staying in the sun a little bit longer than he wanted to? Many years of searching for the perfect tan can leave undesired consequences. Years later, you start seeing sunspots appear in your face, hands, shoulders, chest, and arms. You can also notice that your skin is beginning to look crepeier (more wrinkled and drier) and has lost its elasticity and supple youthful glow.

How we treat your Sun Damage

At Walnut Creek Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level of success and care for our patients. We provide state-of-the-art, client-centered treatments, and have curated a combination of cosmetic laser appliances that have been shown to provide the best results. We provide a multi-level approach to treating skincare. We believe this better provides your skin with what it uniquely needs, and will render superior, longer lasting results.


IPL intense pulse light treatments are a light based treatment therapy. With a handpiece wishing the light on top of the skin it feels like a short temporary rub around snap. This light penetrating the skin breaking up any type of chromophore or pigment that comes in its way. This means that all that sun damage that has been built up that is hiding beneath the surface of the skin well gently lift and exfoliate itself of your skin within the next 3 to 4 days. Leaving a smoother creamier complexion.

ZO Skin Care

ZO Skin Care is the “Gold Standard” when it comes to treating pigmentation and sun-damaged skin. Zo Skin Care has been known to also treat melasma with great results.

VI Peels

VI Peels are gaining in popularity because they are high-impact with minimal-downtime. They have also been demonstrated to be successful in treating sun damage. To learn more about VI Peels, click here. With regard to sun damage, the VI Peel may be administered in combination with other treatments for optimal results. Talk to your Walnut Creek Aesthetics practitioner to find out what course of action is best for you, and if a VI Peel is part of a plan to achieve your desired results.

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