Avoid Dull, Dry Skin This Thanksgiving

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Winter skin is on its way in, but dry, dull skin doesn’t have to be. With Thanksgiving soon upon us and mask-wearing still in full effect, check out our top, professional, skin care picks! Make sure you have hydrated, glowing skin, so your dry skin won’t be mistaken for the flaky mashed potatoes! Since the weather is significantly colder, more heaters and fireplaces are on full-blast. Not only does this dry out our skin, but it also makes it tight and flaky, causing more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. Skin generally looks increasingly tired and dull. If you want to keep a brightening glow year-round, you must be proactive about your skin’s hydration. We help make it easy with these five, professional recommendations for winter skincare.

iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser

This rich, luxurious treatment cleanser (with the purest raw honey and royal jelly) produces an extraordinary, sensory experience, while effectively cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin. This helps to refine and balance even problematic skin types, and leaves the skin ultra-hydrated and feeling moisturized. Moreover, this cleanser is specifically formulated with papaya enzymes and green tea extracts to further exfoliate and nourish, so it leaves the skin feeling and looking velvety smooth. $45/4 oz.

Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil

This radiance-reviving oil blends argan oil, sea buckthorn oil, and grapeseed oil to help moisturize skin. Vital C Hydrating Face Oil is great for dry and dehydrated skin. It can also be used as a first cleanse for all skin types and be added to any serum or moisturizer for added hydration. Face oils in general are great for dry skin because they sit on top of the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating. This is obviously important in winter, in particular, because cold weather strips moisture from skin… as do heated areas and hot showers. Turning up the heat at home feels wonderful, but it’s not so good for your skin. So make sure you are moisturizing even if you are not necessarily leaving the house during these winter months. Therefore, no matter what your skincare regimen looks like, veil on a layer of this antioxidant-rich face oil to help shield yourself from the harshest environment to come. $54/1 oz.

Zo Pigment Control + Brightening Creme (4% HQ + 20 % Vitamin C)

When dull, discolored skin gets you down, look no further than this prescription strength, powerful blend of 4% HQ (Hydroquinone) + 20% Vitamin C. It treats and corrects the most advanced forms of hyperpigmentation. Not only does this creme help to reverse the visible signs of discoloration, it also helps to suppress and inhibit future discoloration from forming by exfoliating the skin’s surface pigmentation. The result is a more even tone and overall brighter complexion. $66/2.7 oz.

Jan Marini Transformation Cream

Go beyond simple hydration with this luxurious, patented growth factor, peptide and antioxidant solution. Jan Marini Transformation Cream utilizes the ultimate in advanced hydrators to reduce the visible signs of aging, while providing superb hydration to the skin. From the first application of this hydrating face cream, your skin will feel immediately smoother, with a silky softness. As the final step in your winter skin care routine, this rich hydrator will leave all skin types feeling moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy. $110/1 oz.

Image MD Restoring Collagen Recovery Eye Gel

Hello bright eyes. This advanced, Collagen Eye Gel does more than meets the eye. While reducing the appearance of puffiness, fine lines/wrinkles and dark circles, it provides intense hydration to the delicate eye area. Formulated by Plastic Surgeons for maximum results, these clean, clinical, high performance ingredients, are quickly absorbed into the skin. With a patented (ADT) advanced delivery technology, this gel powerfully penetrates to the deeper layers of skin, time releasing within a 48 hour period, for continued, maximum, anti aging results. $94/.5 oz.

Follow this simple regime above, to help you remember, the most important thing you can do in winter, is keep your skin thoroughly hydrated. Also don’t forget it’s unwise to skimp on sunscreen, so wear a moisturizing SPF 50, as the winter sun is still dehydrating and damaging as it is any other time of the year. Moisturize every day and night by following the aforementioned sunscreen application for a.m. and the evening moisturization application for p.m. and you’ll begin to love the winter skin you’re in.

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