truSculpt iD

Yes, the industry has seen a rapid growth in the interest of the number of body sculpting procedures. The body contouring trend is projected to continue growing.

Walnut Creek Aesthetics is excited to announce its arrival of the trusculpt iD. This is the latest body sculpting treatment technology from Cutera. The system provides a personalized and hands-free solution to getting rid of unwanted fat. This machine is a powerful noninvasive monopole or radio frequency that can be tailored to each individual’s needs.

What is truSculpt iD?

Radio Frequency Delivery System

truSculpt iD delivers heat to the subcutaneous fat layers while keeping a comfortable skin temperature for patients.

2 MHz Monopolar RF delivers low frequency uniform technology, penetrating deep to treat subcutaneous fat layers, destroying the fat comfortably.

Real-time temperature control design is adjusted based on a continuous monitoring of the skin temperature. The top layer of skin remains comfortable, while the subcutaneous fat continues to heat.

12 weeks after treatment, patients have an average of 24% fat reduction to the treated area.

How does truSculpt iD work?

truSculpt iD treats subcutaneous fat in a real-time, temperature-controlled treatment, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction. It also offers a very unique handpiece for versatility and customizable 15-minute treatment for full abdomen and flanks simultaneously.

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