Has mascara let you down? Even with the use of makeup or extensions, some patients still yearn for longer, thicker eyelashes. It’s possible that you’re looking to combat hypotrichosis, a condition that results in lack of eyelashes, or simply the loss of lashes due to age. Regardless of the reason, there is another solution available: Latisse.

Latisse is a safe and effective FDA-approved treatment used for eyelash enhancement. It is not an over-the-counter product and can only be obtained through a medical prescription. This requires an examination and consultation by a qualified provider, board-certified Nurse Practitioner, or Physician.

How to use Latisse

Latisse is a medical treatment that grows longer, darker, and fuller lashes in as little as one month. The treatment should be applied onto the eyelashes every night—but don’t forget to remove your contacts and makeup first! When administering Latisse, it is important to use a new applicator every time to ensure cleanliness and prevent eye infection. Patients can expect to see more luxurious lashes in about four weeks, and see the complete results after four months!

Some patients may experience mild side effects, like itching or redness. While these side effects are usually temporary, you should contact your provider at Walnut Creek Aesthetics if additional concerns arise.

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