Facial Rejuvenation

Rejuvenating Your Skin

What Causes Our Skin to Age?

The majority of us begin life with smooth, unmarked, even-toned skin. But with every passing year, our skin takes on more uneven color, imperfections and damage. The first signs of aging start at about the age of 25. You begin to develop fine lines and wrinkles, start experiencing loss of volume and also lose some elasticity in your skin. These changes become more pronounced and noticeable over time. The biggest driver of these issues is aging. When it comes to the skin, there are two types of aging we have to deal with.

The first is called “chronological aging” and represents the normal changes that growing older has on all parts of our body. Exercise, a good diet, taking Vitamin C and a good skin care program helps mitigate the effects of chronological aging, but other than that, we cannot control this aging process.

The second type of aging that affects the skin is “photoaging.” This is caused by exposure to the sun and UV (ultraviolet) light. While we like to place blame on aging of the skin on the passage of time, the main offender is photoaging. Photoaging is for 90% of the visible changes to your skin, and is a direct result of the accumulation of sun damage caused by exposure throughout your life.

Non-Surgical Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Skin

There is a vast array of skin products on the market that help tighten loose skin and reverse the appearance of aging. Products that contain ingredients such as retinoids, collagen and hyaluronic acid can provide subtle differences and tighten up loose skin. The important thing to remember is that every person’s skin is unique. So the product or combination of products that work the best for your friends may very well NOT be the treatment that works for you. Avoid wasting money, or worse yet, doing something that actually hurts your skin. Make an appointment with one of our skilled aestheticians to find out what products are optimal for you.

Other Solutions to Treat Skin Damage & Loose Skin
It is rare to find someone who is content to accept the effects that aging has on their skin. Most of us want to take steps for our skin to regain its youthful vigor and appearance. And since surgical resolution is often expensive, time-intensive and usually overkill, a host of non-surgical alternatives have been developed over the years. These include:

  • Hydrafacials
  • Chemical Peels
  • Botox and Other Injectables
  • PDO Thread Lift
  • Microneedling with PRP

For more information on how we can treat loose skin issues, CLICK HERE. At Walnut Creek Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on pairing the extremely high level of expertise of our staff with a broad range the latest technology and products to help you “turn back time.”

Eleven Ways to Help Avoid Premature Skin Aging

You can take steps that will protect your skin and reduce the chance that you will suffer from premature aging of your face. As recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology:

  • Protect your skin from the sun every day by seeking shade, using sun-protective clothing, sunglasses with UV protection and using broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Choose self-tanner rather than getting a tan because very time you get a tan, you prematurely age your skin.
  • If you smoke, stop. Smoking greatly speeds up skin aging and causes wrinkles and a dull complexion.
  • Avoid repetitive facial expressions. Repeatedly contracting the same muscles can make facial lines become permanent. Wear sunglasses to help reduce lines caused by squinting.
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent damage that leads to premature skin aging while a diet with lots of sugar or other refined carbohydrates can accelerate aging.
  • Drink less alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and damages the skin, which can make us look older.
  • Exercise most days of the week. Moderate exercise can improve circulation and boost the immune system which helps to give the skin a more youthful appearance.
  • Cleanse your skin gently. Scrubbing can irritate your skin which accelerates skin aging.
  • Wash your face twice a day and after sweating heavily. Perspiration irritates the skin, so wash your skin as soon as possible after sweating.
  • Apply a facial moisturizer daily to trap water in your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.
  • Don’t use skin care products that sting or burn. Using these types of products irritate your skin and can make it look older.